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Services - Green Clean


Manual Sweeping

Sweeping the floor and removing the dust with all the proper tools and materials while avoiding the use of the inappropriate chemicals that might not match the floor quality to ensure the cleanness of the floors, rooms, offices, and vital areas, in addition to cleaning of desks, phones, and all other surfaces, as well as the disinfection of handles, telephone head sets and other harmful areas.

Vacuum Cleaning Service

Vacuum cleaning machines remove the dust. This machine is also used for liquid section, vacuuming all the areas reduces the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) present in the air to improve the air quality (IAQ) in closed areas.

Carpet Cleaning

The carpet cleaning is used for deep cleaning of the carpets and moquette floors to get rid of any dust and hard spots.

Glass Cleaning

The glass cleaning service is performed on different glass areas and heights using the proper glass cleaning set

Mechanical Sweeping

The mechanical sweeper removes all dust, dirt and undesirable residues placed in outdoor areas leaving the place visibly clean

High Pressure Machines

High pressure machines are used to maintain the cleanness of all outdoor areas leaving the place physically clean by using the right temperature and water pressure.

Water Tank

The water tank is used to wash the outdoor streets where it is equipped with a sprinkle for perfect water distribution along with water jet that cleans walls, pavements and monuments.

Floor Polishing Service

The single brush machine is used to brush and polish all kinds of floors. [ceramic, wooden and marble] where it removes stains and dirt that regular washing can not clean giving them a sparkling, shiny appearance.

Bathrooms Cleaning and Disinfections

Cleaning agents carry out the cleaning of bathrooms, disinfection of toilets and door handles.

Stairs Cleaning Service

Stairs cleaning service is held out using a specialized equipment that can reach all stairs sides to ensure it’s cleanness and maintain. It’s shinny appearance.